Liberty Quatro Powered Muffs

Two independent volume controls allow for true stereo sound
while four wind resistant high frequency microphones make
sound and direction easy to identify.

Hearing Enhancement and Protection. Four high-frequency microphones,
two on each side of the muff, provide 360° sound identification for the
ultimate in directionality.

5x Enhancement, 30 db of power
Four independent high frequency microphones
Two independent volume controls
Sound Activated Compression - SAC, reduces loud sounds to safe audio levels
Protected with an anti-bacterial agent to prevent growth of mold
Noise Reduction Rating - NRR, 24 dB
Ultimate accoustic seal ear pads
Power source 2 AAA batteries (included)

Liberty Spark Hearing Enhancer

The Liberty Spark offers 4 channel/20 bit digital audio processing for
unparalleled sound quality plus faster sound activated compression
and automatic feedback control.

20 Bit Digital Sound Processor, 45db of Gain, 110db of Sound Output
AFT - Adjustable Frequency Tuning, provides a bass/treble fine tuning capability
Four digital sound processing channels
Two programs with rocker switch selector
Rocker switch volume control
Feedback manager
Noise suppression
Wind noise filter
Sound protection
Open fit adapter
300 hours of battery life
Power source #13 battery

Liberty Spark Hearing Enahncer, Sound Tube, Earplug, 4 Batteries and Carrying Case