32 Channel Hearing Aids
Digital Sound Processing
Adaptive Dynamic Range Optimization
(ADRO®) is the most sophisticated and
advanced hearing health care sound
processing available. ADRO® uses automatic
adjustment algorithms developed for use in
cochlear implants to optimize the listening
experience of the ever-changing acoustical
environment for each listener’s individual
needs. Offering 32 channels of clear
digital sound.
Background Noise Management
Dynamic Directional Microphone systems automatically optimize directionality patterns
to minimize unwanted background noise.
In noisy environments, such as crowded restaurants, unwanted background noise
is rejected, while wanted conversations
are enhanced.
Feedback Management
Dynamic Feedback Manager combines active feedback cancellation with fast acting
feedback suppression. Powerful algorithms
react immediately to suppress and eliminate feedback (whistling/squealing) while
providing excellent sound quality and
improved music quality as well.
Noise Suppression
Multiple Channel Noise Suppression reduces
low level noise independently in each
channel while maintaining high levels of intelligibility for softly spoken speech, and delivers superior sound performance.
Speech in Noise
Enhanced Speech in Noise maintains speech levels in noisy situations for an improved listening experience.
ADRO® is a registered trademark of Dynamic Hearing Pty. Ltd.
Smart Noise Suppression Technology
Smart Noise Suppression constantly analyzes distracting background sounds automatically applying targeted noise suppression to provide the optimal listening experience.
Intelligent Feedback Control
Open Fit, Speaker-In-The-Ear (SIE) hearing aids historically have been susceptible to feedback.
Intelligent Feedback Control is the solution to this design challenge.
Volume Management
Provides personalized time efficient professional fittings and reduces follow-up adjustments.
Audible Prompts
Consumers have come to expect intuitive user friendly prompts from their smart devices.
Engage Audible Prompts exceed expectations.
Nano Technology
Moisture from high humidity, perspiration and ear wax are by far the leading cause of hearing
aid service issues. Nano Technology answers this challange, providing improved reliability and
user confidence.
Advanced Power Management
Engage employs the latest DSP hardware platform to provide greater processing power and
increased battery life.