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While furthering my education at Drexel University, I was introduced to the world of the hearing impaired through a work program at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. While there, I found my life's work. I witnessed lives dramatically improve with proper hearing enhancement and committed myself to helping as many hearing impaired people as possible!

I started with the premise that if I could build better earmolds, people would get better results from their hearing aids. In 1979, I founded Authorized Earmold Labs in the basement of my home and we began building custom ear molds.

After introducing the industry’s finest earmolds, we began development of our first hearing aid products. In 1984, we founded Authorized Hearing Systems and were soon building a complete line of hearing aids competitive to those offered by the world's long-established manufacturers.

By 2001, we were selling over 40,000 hearing aids per year. We opened two facilities in Bristol, Pennsylvania and a third in Plymouth, Minnesota to support the increasing demand. Our hearing aids were being well received by large distribution channels including the Veterans Administration and Sanomed in Germany. Authorized Hearing Systems was then purchased by a major hearing aid manufacturer. This opened a new chapter in our story.

It was always my dream to make a difference in the hearing aid industry by providing the best possible technology at an affordable price with caring professional support.

In pursuit of the best technology I had the good fortune of meeting Peter Blamey. After successfully developing the life changing algorithms for the cochlear implant, he started Dynamic Hearing. Peter dedicated himself to improving the world of the hearing impaired by adapting his powerful algorithms for use in hearing aids.

Available exclusively at SAM’S Club, Liberty Hearing Aid is the result of our 10-year collaboration and a passion for improving the quality of life for those suffering from hearing loss. Offering the finest in technology available today combined with the best in class customer service that SAM’S is known for; Liberty Hearing Aids deliver unparalleled sound quality at a value second to none.


Henry C. Smith,
Chief Technology Officer

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